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Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) provides a range of commercialization and intellectual property management services for industry partners.

NC State is 2nd in the U.S. in the number of licenses and options executed among universities without a medical school.


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Commercialization Focus

NC State is committed to transferring scientific discoveries to the marketplace.  Our researchers have been issued more than 850 U.S. patents and between 2011-2015 more than 500 commercialization agreements were signed.

The Office of Technology Commercialization and New Ventures (OTCNV) manages and nurtures the process of commercialization and intellectual property development with industry partners. During initial meetings, the OTT outlines each party’s objectives and needs. If a company is interested in proceeding, the next step may involve an option to determine use, exclusivity, term of agreement, and diligence milestones. Rights and fees are then negotiated, as is an agreement for royalty payments. An OTT diligenceofficer will then manage the agreement and reporting requirements.

license-our-technologies-contentTo ensure that each party involved in a licensing partnership meets the mission of their respective organizations, NC State spells out its policies and procedures for inventors and their prospective partners.



Licensing Opportunities

NC State’s highly productive researchers have contributed to an impressive portfolio of technologies and the university is looking for partners interested in commercializing our innovations.

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Patent and Tangible Research Policy
Copyright Regulation

Signature Authority for Contracts
Confidentiality or Non-disclosure Agreements
UNC System Patent and Copyright Policies

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