NC State researchers solve real-world problems with subject-matter experts and interdisciplinary teams.

Research areas represent all of the major academic disciplines at the University.


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Problem Solvers

NC State faculty, staff and students come together to create a distinguished research enterprise focused on solving real world problems. We have 12 colleges representing all major academic disciplines including the humanities and social sciences, plant and animal life sciences, management, education, natural resources, and the physical, chemical, mathematical, statistical, biological and earth-system sciences. Our programs in engineering, business administration, statistics and veterinary medicine are nationally recognized for academic excellence and we have over 50 issue-focused research centers and institutes driven by industrial memberships.



Real world problems require interdisciplinary teams and NC State has brought the best and the brightest minds together to address the emerging fields of analytics, nanotechnology, biotechnology and biomedical engineering. NC State stays at the fore-front of emerging research areas through continued support and expansion of its talented faculty and staff.

Strategic Research Clusters
Centers & Institutes
Colleges & Departments


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